Guest Comic #1 by Aliza Layne
Posted December 5, 2014 at 10:52 am

This first guest comic is from my friend Aliza, a powerful insect sorceress and creator of the excellent, excellent webcomic Demon Street. If you like Paranatural, you will definitely like her comic. Its about page describes it as "a comic about exploring," and let me tell you, you will super want to explore this world. It's got amazing environs populated by really cool demons (with some incredibly good and striking creature designs) and presented in interesting ways. Aliza is a super skillful comics creator who does great things with color and page layout and her work is definitely worth your time and attention. This page is a great example of both those talents. Also, I will never get over the hokey ant monster thought bubble in the last panel of this page.

Also, if you couldn't tell from this guest comic (LOVE THAT POSTER), Demon Street is really funny! The characters who do the exploring are super charming, have distinct, interesting personalities, have distinct, interesting evil demon magic powers, and are incredibly fun to watch interact. They're also drawn with great expressions, see below:

LOVE THOSE FACES!! I have unilaterally decided that Aliza is my faces rival. And also comics rival, because Demon Street is so good and consistently impresses me! And I am so very, very pleased to have this guest comic in my archives. Thanks, Aliza! Read her comic for sure!

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