The new kid in town and Paranatural's protagonist. Enjoys smirking, scowling, and scootboarding. Recruited by the Activity Club on his first day of school. Currently learning his ghostbusting basics.




The Activity Club's ace. Cheerful, loves fighting spirits. Lives in a big dumb house with her big dumb grandfather and his disciples.




A member of the Activity Club. His temper gets in the way of his pledge to do others no harm. Kept in the dark about the Activity Club's parent organization for unknown reasons. Possesses startling hair.



A hyperactive kid in the Activity Club. Isabel's shadow, lives at her house. He's just so random, you guys.


Mr. Spender

Seventh-grade history teacher and leader of the Activity Club. He's run some tests and objectively determined himself to be incredibly cool. Mysterious, intellectual, athletic... these are 3 words that have nothing to do with Rick Spender.



Goofy single parent of Max and Zoey and proprietor of the Corner Store. Grew up (physically if not mentally) in the town of Mayview. Pictured here eating a sandwich, as is his prerogative.



Max's li'l sister. Responsible, at least in contrast to the rest of the fam'.



Delinquent scourge of the seventh grade. Punches rules in the face... by punching people in the face. One time he bullied his own reflection for by the mistake.



Wild, be-scarred underling of Johnny's, does whatever he says. Equal parts hyena and human.



Johnny's gang. The Muscle. Also the Brains. Also the Heart. Willing to criticize Johnny, but that criticism ranges from "Don't punch that guy" to "You're not punching that guy hard enough".



Shadowy member of Johnny's gang. Eschews school rules, public speaking, the gender binary. Goes by they/them. Has eternal unspoken dibs on the shins of Johnny's victims. Their hood conceals Cool Hair... AND WHAT ELSE??



The bubbly president of the unofficial Journalism Club. Blackmailing like every character on this page. Hates the Activity Club.



Suzy's assistant. Writes copy, posts bail, whatever Suzy needs. But he WON'T be HAPPY about it.



A real laidback dude and member of the Journalism Club. Suzy enabler. What's his deal though



A girl in Max's class. She's, like, cool and stuff.



A strange seventh grader what runs the School Store. Knows all the goings-on at school.



A likeable kid in Max's class. Yep, that's it.



Some nerd in Max's class. Hopes to someday pilot two gundams


Mr. Garcia

Seventh grade science teacher at Mayview Middle School. Tired practically all the time. Max once saw him floating in a stream on his way to school.


Ms. Baxter

Seventh grade math teacher. Personality: stressed.


Mr. Starchman

English teacher, very bouncy. Gives out stars as prizes. Trades prizes for stars.



A timid ghost boy living (WELL NOT EXACTLY LIVING PER SE) in the Corner Store. Admires Max and his glamorous superhero lifestyle.



P.J.'s guardian, a disembodied hand ghost. A full-fledged poltergeist and a real good fighter.



Bookish hermit of a spirit. Friend and mentor to Isaac, coaches him in his views of morality. His power lets him open up portals to any door, so long as he has the key. Serves an unknown master in their unknown agenda.


Isaac's Spirit

A wrathful storm spirit that resides within Isaac. His ideas about good and evil conflict with Isaac's. Has li'l swirly nipples.


Isabel's Grandpa

A stern old patriarch that teaches Activity Consortium agents how to manipulate spectral energy. Doesn't like people who rely on tools and spirits.


Agent Walker

Boss Leader's second-in-command. Very frank, hates lies and secrets. Often at odds with Spender. Has a day job as a cowboy or forest ranger or somethin'.


Boss Leader

Boss and leader of the Activity Consortium, the parent organization of the Activity Club. Seems to have some power over the dream world that is their base. Playfully torments her underlings.



The spirit in Isabel's book. Eats words, controls paper. Chirpy. Objectively the cutest character in Paranatural.



An ancient spirit of fire and blacksmithery. Stoic, powerful, single. Seems to be in cahoots with Doorman to some extent. Wants in past the barrier that surrounds Mayview.


Dr. Zarei

An Activity Consortium scientist that drops in and out of Mayview. One cool customer. Tamed the Ghost Train with unknown methods. Gets very, very curious very, very easily.




The spirit in Spender's sunglasses, a stuffy old wizard of light. Shares a common mission with Spender, whom he treats like his apprentice and guides on the path of cold reason. Keeps the darkness in.

Probably Not Literally Satan