Chapter 4 Page 151
Posted December 2, 2014 at 03:40 pm

AND THAT'S THE END OF CHAPTER 4!!! I hope you all enjoyed what will most likely be Paranatural's longest chapter. So much great stuff has happened to me over the course of this chapter and a lot of it was thanks to the kindness and enthusiasm of you readers! I can't tell you how lucky I am to have so many kind and creative people reading my comic. I say it, like, every page, but that's only because I really, REALLY mean it- THANKS FOR READING!!!

I am so excited for chapter 5. You're gonna be seeing more from a lot of characters that haven't had much time in the spotlight yet, I got JOKES, I got GAGS, I got DRAMA and ACTION... It's gonna be a ton of fun to make! So, I have a lot of work and preparation to do! Luckily, a bunch of my awesome friends took time out of their busy schedules to make some super great guest comics for me, which will be going up at the usual update times before Chapter 5 starts for the next 3 weeks or so!

In the meantime, I'll be catching up on work I didn't have time for before (merchandise, the archive, cast page, and more) and doing some important prep design and writing work for chapter 5. I'm sure you'll enjoy these guest comics, they're from some really talented people!

Thank you so much for continuing to read, discuss, and make amazing fan art for Paranatural! I'll see you Friday with the first guest comic! STAY HAUNTED. (<- ugh terrible) BYE.