Chapter 2 Page 30
Posted May 8, 2012 at 03:00 am
That's the end of chapter 2, guys. It's also Paranatural's 100th page. Hooray! I know it's hard to be a fan of something that updates at the speed Paranatural does, but thanks for sticking with it and leaving so many great comments. Now that school's winding down I'll be able to start to approach the level of productivity this comic and its readers deserve. Chapter 3 is going to be great, but before I move into that I'm going to be quickly making some cover pages for it and the previous two chapters. I just started experimenting with UStream, so with any luck those who wanna will be able to watch me color them. I'd be announcing a stream on Twitter so keep your ears, uh... open. For tweets. Yeah. Thanks for reading.