Guest Comic #4 by Taylor C.
Posted December 16, 2014 at 12:46 am

This fourth guest comic, which references this page, is by Taylor C, super talented creator of the webcomic Monsterkind and my wonderful girlfriend! That is, she is my girlfriend, not, the creator of- she didn't create my girlfriend. The girlfriend is her. I am extremely proud to be dating such a great artist and great person, and if you haven't checked out Monsterkind yet, you definitely, definitely should!

Monsterkind is a story about a human whose job forces him to move into a district full of monsters, and BOY does it have a lot of HEART. Taylor moves between lighthearted character moments and serious drama super well, and the net result is a cast you really, really care about. She makes great use of dialogue-less pages for quiet scenes that don't even feel at all extraneous because they still convey important character information. Monsterkind's panel layouts are dynamic and creative throughout and, oh, did I mention that the art's great? The art's great. I recommend you read through from the page before the last one I linked forward for a bit, because that scene and its flashback are great and emblematic of the comic's quality as a whole. Also, Monsterkind's monsters are expressive, fun and well designed. I have lots of favorites!

Here's some random fun panels I grabbed while rereading today! Should give you an idea of what the comic's like~

I'm so glad to have Taylor's hilarious guest comic in my archives and I absolutely implore you to check out Monsterkind. You'll be glad you did! I know I am :^)

Thanks for making this page for me, Taylor! I love you <3

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