Chapter 7 Page 85
Posted August 12, 2022 at 03:27 am

HEY! I have yet another homebrew Dungeons and Dragons subclass compilation for sale... Lyric's Ledger of Legends!

This one's a collaboration with T. Ashley Jenkins, who I previously worked with on Petal Crash, which I wrote the story mode for! If you liked Dungeon Dozen and its sequel, you'll really, really like this one! We put a ton of work into it to make it look professional, and it's got a bunch of full color illustrations, writing, and subclass design from both of us. I also wrote a ton of journal entries for its narrator, Lyric, which I think you'll enjoy if you like Paranatural or any of my other comedic writing!

As usual, if this sounds like your thing, I would love for you to check this out! Your support would mean the world, and let me and Ashley do even more projects like this! Thank you so much in advance! :^) See you next week, and thanks for reading!