Chapter 7 Page 83
Posted July 22, 2022 at 01:37 am

*EDIT* Taking some more time on this next page for a longer one next week, thank you for your patience! >O<)/

Got another niche thing for you guys today. I made another new collection of 12 homebrew DnD subclasses, Dungeon Dozen 2! You may or may not have seen the previous Dungeon Dozen, which was also that. If you like my art or writing or DnD, there's a lot of that in both of them! I'm proud of what I came up with for this one, and I hope you enjoy it if it's your thing.

If you didn't pick up the original Dungeon Dozen and want both, there's a discounted bundle you can get here.

As always, your support is the only reason I can scrap together a job from pursuits like this, so anything you can toss towards these projects is ENORMOUSLY appreciated. Thanks in advance, and thanks for reading! More interesting stuff very soon!