Chapter 6 Page 48
Posted February 21, 2020 at 04:00 am

*EDIT* Hey guys! The final page of the chapter's gonna be a little late- I spent all morning and afternoon the last two days doing jury duty (I got excused during selection today) and I lost a lot of work time. Please check back Friday evening for the chapter 6 finale!

The bittersavory aroma of love and beef wine......

Professor Bigfoot turning around in the Bigfoot pose was Taylor's joke idea, thanks Taylor <3

With this... there's only one more page left in the chapter!! And YES it IS gonna kill me that I didn't hit the even 50! Maybe I'll freakin'! Do an art page or something to make it fit! Who knows! Anyways, check back down here for the next page, chapter ends always have various announcements and writings and things. Until then....................... thanks for reading!