Chapter 5 Page 63
Posted September 15, 2015 at 04:09 am


And we're back! If you missed the post edit last time, I took a week off because of some light lingering wrist trouble. It's gotten a lot better, but it's not 100% healed, so there may be some delays while I work through this, nothing you guys aren't used to. I don't expect them, but I wanted you guys to know in advance just in case! Missing updates stinks, but I need to prioritize my wrist if it starts acting up again, since it is my income and the longterm future of Paranatural. I'm not looking for advice right now (I've gotten lots and done plenty of research myself), but your patience and understanding has been and will continue to be extremely welcome. I have the utmost confidence in myself, you guys, and this comic going forward! Thank you so much for reading!!!