Chapter 5 Page 45
Posted June 23, 2015 at 04:50 am

*EDIT* No update Friday (6/26), sorry guys! Between a packed travel schedule and seeing my family and friends for the first time since winter, I couldn't find a way to squeeze the 10+ hours it takes to make a page alongside other obligations. I'll do my best to get back in the swing of things soon! See you with a new page on Tuesday!

Hey guys! I only have the inks right now, but I wanted to have something for the update, so I will update this page with the completed version as soon as I can finish it. Me and Taylor spent an extra three hours of work time on the road in the worst storm I have ever seen, with damaged window wipers, and ended up fleeing into and then out of a hotel room full of bed bugs. I explained what happened at length on twitter, if you're interested, but the main point is THE UNIVERSE REALLY, REALLY CONSPIRED AGAINST THIS ONE, and that it'll be up and colored as soon as my time and mental health allows. As always, I'm really sorry things have been so unstable lately, but I have been suuuuper busy and it's going to be a while before my schedule clears up enough to be doing anything but flying by the seat of my pants with work and updates.

That's the bad news; the good news is: NEW MERCH! You can now buy some Paranatural stickers and/or a Hitball poster for yourself or a friend! WOW NEAT. Also, if you missed it last update, I have a digital sketchbook you can buy on Gumroad with some really cool stuff in it! Buy some things, get some things, and help support me and my work!!!! Thank you so much!