Chapter 4 Page 39
Posted September 20, 2013 at 03:00 am
As evidenced by this page, readers, Paranatural is a classy, cerebral comic experience. For the record, being Eightfold's medium would in fact involve lots of papery, peely skin. You'd look like a mummy at the peak o' your possession and also be compelled to eat a lot of books. Also, special announcement! I am now a full member of Hiveworks, a webcomics collective/publisher/ad thing/evil syndicate. Previously I was a Hiveworks affiliate, but now that my clone body is viable outside the nutrient pond and I have slain my inferior original version I [insert non-threatening and mundane alternative to crossed-out statement], membership has opened up as an option. You can click the li'l Hiveworks logo at the top of this site to check out the infant forms of your future overlords, hail their coming glory, hail some other great comics. For me, membership means more readers, additional ad $, and getting to talk to some great people, so I'm really happy about this turn of events! I am also looking forward to fulfilling my blood oath by introducing Buzzinga, the Contractually Mandated Hiveworks Bee Mascot, into Paranatural within the next few pages. Hopefully he will be as entertaining as I am legally obligated to make him! I wouldn't want to trigger any of those evisceration clauses. Ha ha. Run.