Chapter 5 Page 84
Posted December 15, 2015 at 02:14 am

*EDIT EDIT* Aaaand the wrist strain kicked in and I am down for the count. Sorry guys, travel and now this kicked my fragile butt again. This has been a rough month for updates and I am very very sorry :^( I'm going to push this page to the next update day, Tuesday, so that I can have days off for my wrists to rest, and prevent a longer lasting injury like the first time. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

*EDIT* Page is coming later tonight! Stay tuned!

Yep, Suzy has no qualms about reaching into other people's pockets.

It's finally done!!! Thank you so so much for your patience, and for all the supportive messages I've received! I'm so super glad to have you guys cheering me on and reading my comic. I may just be too cynical, but I didn't at all expect to have such a wholly positive reaction to hiccups like these missed updates, so, like. I don't know. I appreciate it a lot, and I hope this is the kind of audience I get to have my entire time making things, because, like, wow, lol. I hope you like this page, and the ones after it, because I'm basically excited for each individual one from now to the end of the chapter?? As for my health, I'm doing great! And giving myself breathing room like I did with this page IS me managing it, so don't worry too much ;^) Thanks again for your readership and understanding! Hopefully I can get another update streak going and beat my high score (9!).

See you next time!