Chapter 5 Page 52
Posted July 21, 2015 at 10:18 am

Hey guys, I'm leaving tomorrow for Otakon (table E07!) and will be there all weekend, so there won't be an update Friday or next Monday. The next page will go up on Friday the 31st. I wanted to do something to prevent this, but unfortunately it's impossible for me to work ahead at this point in time, doubly so with con prep. Hopefully I'll see some of you in Baltimore in the meantime!

Re: alternatives for community post-comments, I've been informed that places to talk about Paranatural include this forum and this subreddit. There may have been other suggestions that slipped through the cracks, as, again, I have been very busy, so if there's some place I missed, feel free to let me or everyone else know. Further bulletins as events warrant!

Thanks for reading!