Chapter 4 Page 93
Posted April 14, 2014 at 07:31 am

Hey guys! The first version of this page I skipped updating on Friday was an entirely different sequence, I ended up cutting it and pushing a Big Thing to the next page for better dramatic presentation blah blah blah etc.

In the meantime I did some sketch requests on Twitter and also the intro comic I did for Homestuck's new Paradox Space webcomic was released. That was a very cool project to get to work on!

Going forward, I've recommited myself to focusing on Paranatural, as I feel like I haven't been giving it the attention it needs lately. I'm super, SUPER excited for the rest of chapter 4 and can't wait to show you guys what's coming.

Also, if you're keeping track of my millions of promises, I've fixed the first chapter of the archive and will fix the rest very soon.

Thanks a bunch for reading everybody, thanks for your patience on Friday, and thanks for supporting the comic! You guys rock.