STOP RIGHT THERE! If this is the first and only page you're reading today, you've missed TWO PAGES BEFORE THIS ONE! That's right, it's a triple update! Scroll down for more info, please!
Chapter 5 Page 76 (THREE PAGE UPDATE!)
Posted Nov.06.15 at 04:49 pm

*EDIT* Sorry guys, I wasn't able to finish 2 pages for a double update today! The 3-pager and mini con I did on Saturday took more out of me than expected. Once again, these next two pages read best together, so I'm going to update with both of them on Friday instead of today! Sorry about that, and thank you for your patience with this scene! It's the big end to a big arc and I want to do it right. Thanks for reading!

HEY GUYS! Did I say two page update? I meant THREE PAGE UPDATE. This is the third page, please click HERE to jump to the first page, and see what Hijack's planning! (I kept them separate instead of as one big strip to preserve page turns in the archive!) And please, please get super Hype For Hitball. IT'S TIME TO FINISH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all so much for your patience and for reading, I can't believe I was able to pull off a triple update like this!!! See ya Tuesday!