i hope you enjoyed my political cartoon about how the media can serve as a watchdog and countermeasure against the destructive power of The Government, whose dark, supernatural powers control our pets and children
Chapter 5 Page 59
Posted Aug.25.15 at 04:09 am

*EDIT* I'm running a little late with the page for today! It will be up some time Friday evening, so check back then! Thanks for your patience!



P.S. I read a good comic called Demon's Mirror between these last two updates, I recommend it! It has some really fun designs, characters, and writing. Heads up for the squeamish, it's violent! The first page, for example, starts with someone's face getting eaten. FUN STUFF!

While I'm recommending violent not-for-kids comics, my god, if you haven't read Unsounded for some reason, please check it out and see if it's your thing. It is so expertly made and easily one of my favorite works of fiction.

I'm in a pluggy mood, I guess!! Thanks for reading!